Mohd. Rafi

After Evening : An Eventfull Day in Bangalore with Rafi Fans

At the outset, I wish to emphasise,  on a fact that my thoughts as they come forth would be expressed here and or no particular order followed with the events as they happened on this memorable day. Names of rafi bhakts ( our esteemed guests )  may be a bit difficult to remember and mention, […]

Iinteresting facts about Rafi Sahab and Kishore Da

Kishore Kumar was one of the greatest singer, But Rafi Sahab sang some songs for him. 1)For  the song “Man mora bawra……” in film RAGINI Kishore Kumar requested to Rafi Sahab to sing this song for him because this song was a semi classical and Kishore kumar said that-“RAFI SAHAB CAN SING THIS SONG BETTER […]

Watch Video : Suno Ramzan Ki Dastan from Alam Aara by Mohd rafi

Film: Alam Aara
Music: Iqbal Qureshi
Cast: Nazima, Ajit Sachdev, P.Jairaj, Mohan Choti
Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi, Hasrat Jaipuri
Singer: Mohammad Rafi

Watch Video : Mohd Rafi’s Voice for Rajesh Khanna “Baghon Mein Bahar Hai”

Beautiful love song from the great Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar from the movie, Aradhana. This movie brought fame, recognition and superstar status to Rajesh Khanna.

Musical Kurukshetra at Hyderabad

The following write-up is by Santosh Kumar (one of the most ardent fans of Rafi Sahab ever) and only briefly edited by Mr. A.S. Murty with insertion of the list of songs and names of the Rajasthani folk dancers from Dhola Ri Dhani, and the photographs. Well, I’m not trying to confuse the readers by […]

Icici bank recovery agent abused Shahid Rafi, son of Mohd Rafi

if media reports has to be believed icici bank has abused Shahid Rafi son of Mohd Rafi for not paying his EMI of the loan he has taken for a business. no further detaild are available to me as of now, I will soon provide the more details about it. ( posted from mobile)

Watch Video : DM of MuzaffarNagar, Mr. Subhash Chandra singing song Dil Hi Dil Mein at Yamma Yamma Night

Do you think DMs are nuts to crack, Meet Mr. Shubhash Chandra, DM of MuzaffarNagar who is a good badminton player and also sing songs while he is free, We caught him on camera in a show at MuzaffarNagar. Mr. Zakir Rana termed him as hero of the MuzaffarNagar.

Watch Video : Mr. Zakir Rana and Mr. Ranjan Mittal at Yamma Yamma Night

Mr. Zakir Rana was the main force and motivator of Yamma Yamma Night, We at salute his zeal and support for the show.

Watch Video : Tumse o haseena kabhi Mohabbat at Yamma yamma night

Brilliant Performance by Creation Group at Yamma Yamma Night in MuzaffarNagar

Watch Video : Mere Pairon Mein Ghoongharu at Yamma Yamma Night

This is a Song of Yamma Yamma Night in Muzaffar Nagar. More videos are under Processing  and will come online soon… Watch Other Videos Watch Video : Mere Pairon Mein Ghoongharu at Yamma Yamma Night Watch Video : Brilliant Performers of Creation Group Watch Video : Title Song of Yamma Yamma Night Watch Video : […]