Pradeep Sharma to give tribute to Mohd. Rafi on Red FM

Pradeep Sharma, this name is familiar to All India Radio listeners. He lent his voice to so many different programs on radio and usually considered a Mohd Rafi specialist in the radio industry. He is going to give his tribute to Rafi Sahab on AIR FM Gold in Mumbai at 8:30 AM onwards. Listen to […]

A day in Mohd Rafi’s Village

Recently one of our well known personalities in Rafi fans, Mr. Sanjeev Dixit visited the birth place of Mohd. Rafi. He sent me first hand account of his experience. Here I am reproducing the exact text which Mr. Dixit has written. I think that i am a luckiest person on this earth because i got […]

The Last Songs of Mohammed Rafi

The Last Songs of Mohammed Rafi, lost and found again are now released by Silk Road Communications. Now in form of an album “The Last Songs”, is a stunning once-in-a-lifetime discovery, a priceless heritage! The album includes a bonus audio track to discover the extraordinary story on why these songs are released after 30 years. […]

An Evening in Bangalore : Stars of that Evening

My dear friends: Knowledge, intellect, passion, bhakti, shruti, and samruddhi all came together in an extremely easy and comfortable manner on the November 14, 2009 the infectiousness of which will remain with us for a very long time to come. Sitting down to write about our Rafi Holiday in honour of our Chennai, Hyderabad and […]

Icici bank recovery agent abused Shahid Rafi, son of Mohd Rafi

if media reports has to be believed icici bank has abused Shahid Rafi son of Mohd Rafi for not paying his EMI of the loan he has taken for a business. no further detaild are available to me as of now, I will soon provide the more details about it. ( posted from mobile)

Bharat Ratna Mohd. Rafi : How it can be done?

Almost every Mohd. Rafi fan is asking for Bharat Ratna Award for Mohd. Rafi, But a clear strategy for it is not available or visible. Just share your views about it. Think how we can proceeds with this? When government has not declare any Bharat Ratna since many years, will it be easy to get […]

Mohd Rafi : A Voice Never Forgotten

Tum mujhe yun bhoola na paoge/jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere/sung sung tum bhi gun gunaoge. (You will not be able to forget me/whenever you hear my song/you will sing along with me) NOT one of Mohammed Rafi’s best songs, but it perhaps best expresses his enduring appeal. An appeal that continues 27 years after […]

Mohd Rafi singing for Govinda in Farz Ki Jung

Master of Voice, Mohd. Rafi sungs thousands songs for many artists, you may surprised to know that he also sung for Govinda in film Farz ki Jung, just watch and hear it. Film was released after 9 years of Mohd. Rafi’s unfortunate demise. Enjoy 🙂 [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”450″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Mohd Rafi : “Mere Sapnon Ki Rani” Rafi sings first song with KL Saigal

K.L.Saigal sings “Mere Sapnon Ki Rani” with lyrics by Kumar Barabankavi and music by Naushad. Unlike Kishore and Lata who never got to meet Saigal, Mohd.Rafi not only met him but also sang with him. Just once. The gentleman who sings the final line in this song after the chorus is Mohammed Rafi himself, believe […]

Mohd Rafi : Rafi sings “Apni Aadat Hai” for Kishore kumar

Kishore kumar was one of the greatest singers, But Rafi has sung some songs for him also, This is one of them. One thing I would like to clarify that I am not going to say that Rafi was best singer than Kishore, Because Kishore was with his own style, and both are beyond comparisons. […]