An Evening in Bangalore

Rafi Yatra : Bar Bar Dekho : Full Song

This is the song which was sung by whole group together during Rafi Yatra. For other videos please visit

Videos : Rafi Yatra : Rafi Holiday : An Evening in Bangalore

Friends, I am ready with my first list of videos. These videos have some small collection of the special moments we spent together in Bangalore. Right now I have uploaded them to our YouTube Channel and reproducing them here.  I would like to tender my apologies to viewers in advance for not keeping good quality […]


तेरी आवाज़ की जादूगरी से, ना जाने किस जहाँ में खो गया हूँ। By A S MURTY, Secretary, RAFI FOUNDATION, HYDERABAD CHAPTER PROLOGUE : Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter conducts musical sessions for its members twice a month – on two Sundays for four hours on each occasion. Our members sing songs of Rafi Sahab as […]

After Evening : An Eventfull Day in Bangalore with Rafi Fans

At the outset, I wish to emphasise,  on a fact that my thoughts as they come forth would be expressed here and or no particular order followed with the events as they happened on this memorable day. Names of rafi bhakts ( our esteemed guests )  may be a bit difficult to remember and mention, […]

An Evening in Bangalore : Stars of that Evening

My dear friends: Knowledge, intellect, passion, bhakti, shruti, and samruddhi all came together in an extremely easy and comfortable manner on the November 14, 2009 the infectiousness of which will remain with us for a very long time to come. Sitting down to write about our Rafi Holiday in honour of our Chennai, Hyderabad and […]

Rafi Yatra : An Evening In Bangalore with Mohd Rafi Fans

Currently, I am in Bangalore for great “moment” of being with lots of Mohd Rafi Fans from around the country. We have termed this event “Rafi Yatra” and moments are being enjoyed by everyone. Soon, I will post more videos and images from this ‘An Evening in Bangalore’ ———————————-