Mohd Rafi and Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

Mohd Rafi and Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

So friends I am doing one thing from my side, I am renaming Mohd Rafi Sahab to Mr. Rafi Gandhi, I am hopeful after this change our government will listen to us as Gandhi surname is the synonymous of being patriot and every Gandhi automatically qualify to get a Bharat Ratna,

Bharat Ratna awards has to be given to people who has done something substantial in their life which may have impacted country or people around them. But history has proved that it normally given based on your birth location, your community belongings and yes for the people who may not be so so popular because popular means ‘cheap’ in our intellectual class.

Just went through the list of Bharat Ratna award holders from history and I was surprised to see so many names which are there for just ‘academic’ purpose…. and for the information I saw Lata Ji’s name in the list, I was again wondering what Lata ji has done to music industry which Mohd Rafi has not done during his around 30 year career (cut short due to sudden demise)… upon some research I found that Shiv Sena and NCP was the main force behind that government decision at that time.

I must clarify that I am not questioning why it has been given to Lata ji, She deserve it (Not hate campaign please)… but I am asking a question why it was not given to Rafi Sahab who is still one of the most ‘played/listened’ singer even after 31 years of his death.

Do you know Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh trilogy still rules the radio and around the world Indian music still known by them (Lata ji includes in this but I am not including her in my list because she already got this award)….

ON this website, I decided that I will never ever write any controversial things but today I am not able to hold myself. so instead of doing bad mouthing about system, I am resorting to this trick.. currently Congress lead government is ruling country, may be a ‘Gandhi’ name can ‘awake’ them.

… But at the same time I am getting little worried as Next govt may not be of congress in that case a Gandhi name can be a ‘Ajaab’….. Lets see.

(Sorry for my bad language as it just came unplanned and I am not a native English speaker)