Recently one of our well known personalities in Rafi fans, Mr. Sanjeev Dixit visited the birth place of Mohd. Rafi.

He sent me first hand account of his experience. Here I am reproducing the exact text which Mr. Dixit has written.

Peepal tree in school campus where RAFI SAHAB played in recess

I think that i am a luckiest person on this earth because i got the fortunate to visit “KOTLA SULTAN SING, AMRITSAR”, the birth place of our beloved “Rafi Sahab”.
In the morning of 15th october i reached AMRITSAR from LUCKNOW by “punjab mail(3005)”. From there i reached to MAJITHA TOWN(20 km from Amritsar) by a bus and from there i  went to village “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH(5 KM from Majitha town) by same bus fortunately.
After reaching the village i met with GURBIR SAMRA ji and his family.House of Gurbir ji is at the same place where was the house of RAFI SAHAB.
After some time i met with the childhood friend of RAFI SAHAB, MR. KUNDAN SINGH JI. He is now 85 years old but his memory is so good and he remembered every moment he passed with RAFI SAHAB.
He told me when RAFI SAHAB left the village in 1937, Rafi Sahab marked his name on a tree with a knife for him.
He also told me that  “ALI MOHD. SAHAB” the father of RAFI SAHAB, was able to prepare the RICE with 7 different color in 7 layer in marriages.
He told that name of Father in law of RAFI SAHAB was “MR. DEEN MOHD. & mother in law as “MRS. NAWABO” and RAFI SAHAB married with “BASHEERA JI” in 1945.
According to KUNDAN SINGH ji, a saint was there in his village who generally visited his village and played “SARANGI”. The wonder is this that he called the person’s(Villager’s)  name by his “SARANGI” and sang in very sweet voice. Rafi sahab liked his voice too much and followed him till very far from his house.
At the last of the meeting “KUNDAN SINGH JI” became sad and his eyes filled with tears by remembering his childhood friend “RAFI SAHAB” and he HUGGED me and said -“Please visit the village again, I am at the end of my life but after me don’t forget the village and be in touch with Gurbir & others.”
When Kundan singh ji hugged me then i felt the presence of RAFI SAHAB in Kundan singh ji.I also felt that RAFI SAHAB is giving a lot of blessings to me through Kundan singh ji.
He said that before two years we arranged a programme on RAFI SAHAB. many celebrities like “DARA SINGH, NAVJOT SINGH SIDDHU ETC.”attended the programme  and promised to give a donation to village for making a monument of RAFI SAHAB but they forgot his promise after the programme.He kept the cutting of that news paper till now for proof & for reminding the promise to politicians.
We also must have to try to contact with “DARA SINGH JI & NAVJOT SINGH SIDDHU JI”.If any one get the contact of any one of these two please remind him his promise.
Important- I just talked with Mr. Gaurav ji, P.A. of MR. NAVJOT SINGH SIDDHU JI,he is also a fan of RAFI SAHAB & became very happy that i remind him the promise.he said he will do whatever possible for the village.

Next day i visited the primary school of village “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH” where RAFI SAHAB studied till 4th std.
A photo of RAFI SAHAB was there in the office of the head master and Mr. Jaspal singh ji worships daily to Rafi Sahab  with putting a “AGARBATTI” in front of the photo.he introduced me to the children and children said -” JAI SRI MOHD. RAFI SAHAB”, followed to Mr. Jaspal singh ji. I advised him to put a pic. of RAFI SAHAB in every class room & given him few more pics. of RAFI SAHAB on his computer.I also advised him that during assembly they can use a Bhajan or patriotic song with daily prayer. He agreed with me and said he will must try to do so in near future.
Every child of the school is  familiar to RAFI SAHAB.I girl child sang the song “BABUL KI DUVAAYEN LETI JAA..” on my request. I also sang a song “HAM LAAYEN HAIN TOOFAN SE KASHTI NIKAL LE..” for the children on the request of JASPAL JI.
I also saw the class room of RAFI SAHAB, Peepal tree under which RAFI SAHAB passed his time in recess and the hand pump which RAFI SAHAB used to drink water.

At the last  i distributed some toffees to children and returned back.
My this visit was very successful and like a “yatra of chardham of Haz”
My this visit became possible only with the BLESSING OF RAFI SAHAB, great help of MR. GURBIR SAMRA JI AND HIS FAMILY.
I want to say many thanks to GURBIR JI AND HIS FAMILY. I will always grateful to him.