From Now Mohd Rafi is Mr. Rafi Gandhi : In protest

So friends I am doing one thing from my side, I am renaming Mohd Rafi Sahab to Mr. Rafi Gandhi, I am hopeful after this change our government will listen to us as Gandhi surname is the synonymous of being patriot and every Gandhi automatically qualify to get a Bharat Ratna, Bharat Ratna awards has […]

Pradeep Sharma to give tribute to Mohd. Rafi on Red FM

Pradeep Sharma, this name is familiar to All India Radio listeners. He lent his voice to so many different programs on radio and usually considered a Mohd Rafi specialist in the radio industry. He is going to give his tribute to Rafi Sahab on AIR FM Gold in Mumbai at 8:30 AM onwards. Listen to […]

Rare Gems Songs by Mohd Rafi, composed by Madan Mohan released on the album “KAISE KATEGI ZINDAGI”

An album of rare songs by MOHD. RAFI, composed by Madan Mohan, being released to commemorate the legendary singer’s 31st death anniversary. The 90 solos and 56 duets which Rafi Saab sang for Madan Mohanji have become a part of music history. Even today, despite the fast changing tastes in music, their fans yearn to […]

A day in Mohd Rafi’s Village

Recently one of our well known personalities in Rafi fans, Mr. Sanjeev Dixit visited the birth place of Mohd. Rafi. He sent me first hand account of his experience. Here I am reproducing the exact text which Mr. Dixit has written. I think that i am a luckiest person on this earth because i got […]

Discovering Rafi Sahab

Discovering Rafi Sahab – Rafi Bhakts present new tales to the unending saga ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Article by A S MURTY, Secretary, Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter  – [email protected] For the past several years now, I have had a very close interaction with many Rafi Bhakts, from across the globe.  Fans of Rafi Sahab,  like that of any […]

The Last Songs of Mohammed Rafi

The Last Songs of Mohammed Rafi, lost and found again are now released by Silk Road Communications. Now in form of an album “The Last Songs”, is a stunning once-in-a-lifetime discovery, a priceless heritage! The album includes a bonus audio track to discover the extraordinary story on why these songs are released after 30 years. […]

Rafi Yatra : Bar Bar Dekho : Full Song

This is the song which was sung by whole group together during Rafi Yatra. For other videos please visit

Videos : Rafi Yatra : Rafi Holiday : An Evening in Bangalore

Friends, I am ready with my first list of videos. These videos have some small collection of the special moments we spent together in Bangalore. Right now I have uploaded them to our YouTube Channel and reproducing them here.  I would like to tender my apologies to viewers in advance for not keeping good quality […]


तेरी आवाज़ की जादूगरी से, ना जाने किस जहाँ में खो गया हूँ। By A S MURTY, Secretary, RAFI FOUNDATION, HYDERABAD CHAPTER PROLOGUE : Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter conducts musical sessions for its members twice a month – on two Sundays for four hours on each occasion. Our members sing songs of Rafi Sahab as […]

After Evening : An Eventfull Day in Bangalore with Rafi Fans

At the outset, I wish to emphasise,  on a fact that my thoughts as they come forth would be expressed here and or no particular order followed with the events as they happened on this memorable day. Names of rafi bhakts ( our esteemed guests )  may be a bit difficult to remember and mention, […]